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'Come on Church! Wake Up!'. Here you will find information about the author including contact details, selected pages from the book, details on how to order a copy of the book and a blog page containing updates and additional thoughts from the author.
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A timely and much needed book on this key issue within the church, which is largely overlooked and frequently ignored. Through a painful personal experience, the Author re-tells how the truth of the message of this book was revealed to her, and the effect it has had on her life. Packed with Scripture to confirm the message, this is a 'Must Read' book for all Christians, exhorting us to examine our lives and make ourselves 'ready' for Jesus' return.


"Whatever we choose to believe in this life, there is only ONE Truth (Jesus Christ and the Word of God), and this will remain the Truth regardless of whatever other 'truth' we have chosen to believe." - Michele Neal

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